Eggless Advance Level Cake And Chocolate Decoration Baking Class

Eggless Advance Level Cakes Baking Class on 09th June 2019

Eggless Advance Level Cakes Class In Borivali West, Mumbai

Class structure designs specific to look home bakers in demand and nowadays customer is looking freshly baked cake.
In this class, We teach you different cake sponge which meets today's market new innovation and trend.

There is Celebrity who love Red Velvet, Caramel, Chocolates and Indian Fusion cakes so Here we come with the most demanding cake for four different types of sponges.

If you are ready to make your hands dirty with Chocolate & Baking, this class is the perfect way to explore Eggless Cakes Sponge Bake to Complete Cake Decoration.

DATE: 09th June 2019
TIME: 11:00 AM to 06:00 PM
FEES: Rs. 4500/-
VENUE: Borivali West, Mumbai
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Registration is compulsory, To book your class seat online via Events High Book Tickets Online Or You can pay Rs. 500/- Paytm to our registered mobile no +919987929094

The class includes learning and making a list of below cakes dishes:

  • Chocolate Raspberry Gateaux
  • Caramel Praline Gateaux
  • Red Velvet Gateaux (With Cream Cheese Frosting)
  • Fusions Rose Pistachio Gateaux
  • Learn different types of Elements and Chocolate decorations with four different sponge

What you learn in cake class

  • Four different types of cake sponge
  • How to make chocolate garnishing & learn chocolate garnishing.
  • Learn chocolate decoration
  • How to make a caramel.
  • How to make ganches.
  • How to make ganches with different flavours & combination.
  • How to work cream cheese.
  • Learn different types of elements

Additional note for cake class

  • Lunch and Refreshment will provide.
  • The Certificate will provide.
  • Post class support
  • All the cake will be 100% Eggless.
  • Materials will provide by us.
  • Printed recipes notes will provide.
  • You will take home cake which will make in class.
  • We will discuss different variations in a class.

For more details, fees, registration, Call/ WhatsApp on +919987929094